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Charibon Spring Campaign Donate by recycling your old Books (until April 26)

- If you apply during the period, the donation amount will increase by 10%!! -

On the site “Charibon” (Japanese only) operated by Value Books : send or ask for pick-up : books, DVDs, game software, etc. that you no longer need the items will be sold and a percentage of the sales is then donated to Médecins du Monde to support “Housing First Tokyo Project”.

April campaign: each donation will be 10% higher

The Charibon campaign is being held until April 26th. Please take advantage of this opportunity!

Click here to use the Médecins du Monde Charibon site (Japanese only)
Click here for the Charibon site WEB form (Japanese only)

* Old books published before 2010 and manga sets that are not complete are often not priced, so be sure to sort them before donating.
* If you want to make an assessment before sending a book, a “trial assessment” (Japanese only) is available just takes a picture of the book with your smartphone.

How to use

① Gather the books you have read and the DVD / game software you no longer need in a cardboard box or paper bag. Click here for details (Japanese only)
*Free shipping on 5 or more items. If less than 5 items, 500 yen will be deducted from the assessed amount per box.
* If you are a minor, please ask a parent or guardian to apply.
* Books without “ISBN”, encyclopedias, convenience store comics, self-published books, manga magazines, general magazines, 11 or more titles of the same item, single CDs, all products that may violate the “Child Prostitution / Child Pornography Prohibition Law” We cannot handle products that may conflict related laws and regulations, album CDs / DVDs / game software without standard product numbers, and obsolete or broken games.

② Apply using the WEB form to ask for pick-up
Fill out the WEB form of the charibon site “Médecins du Monde”. After completion, the courier will come to pick up the box(es) at the specified time and date.

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