Great Eastern Japan Earthquake: Support focusing on psychological care set to begin.


We wish to express our sincere condolences to all those who suffered during the recent Great Eastern Japan Earthquake.

Doctors of the World Japan has now approved relief efforts for those affected by the disaster including psychological support at evacuation shelters, in homes, in hospitals etc, as well as basic medical care.

We are also dispatching medical teams to the disaster area comprised of psychiatrists, nurses, logistic experts and other specialist staff.

Recognizing the scale of the disaster and the need for long-term support, we are also resolved to walk alongside the victims of the disaster on the long road to recovery ahead.

We will keep reporting back on the details of relief efforts taking place in the disaster-hit region.
We are currently accepting donations and aid with the aim of rebuilding the affected areas as quickly as possible. Please support us in this effort.

Finally, we would like to encourage everyone to take care of themselves as aftershocks are still being felt at this time.

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