Fukushima Sou-Sou District Medical Project Report 2

We send the second report in Fukushima Sou-Sou district (including Minami-Soma city, Soma city, and Shinchi-machi ) from the nurses who are dispatched by Medechins du Monde Japon.
Nowadays there are many people, who leave temporary houses since the earthquake happened on 11th of March, 2011.

I thought it was one of the aims that the people go out of the temporary houses, but it seems to be more complicated than I thought.

For example, the people cannot build a house in the same place where there was a previous house which was crushed by the tsunami and they have to find new place and build the house there. It is a pleasure that the people live in their own places without considering the other people such as in the temporary house.

However, it caused a number of problems including stress and fear that they have to adopt new places with knowing new people.

Moreover, it will be more complicate. Therefore, I would like to help the people to adopt new place well.

Furthermore, the people go out increasingly even if temporary accommodations of the evacuated people are gradually provided. One of the largest problems at the moment is that earthquake victims get more anxiety as time passed due to extension over a long period of time for this situation.

Anyway, the earthquake happened and we cannot doubt that many people should stay in the temporary places. However, I believe that these public places with some events (salons) can provide some solutions including they can forget their worries with laughing by talking each other and some people can share problems to find solution together. Therefore, I keep working for those.

We organize event once a month in Shinchi-City and it leads that their residents organize and have themselves tea party weekly. I am glad that our events brought positive effects and the public place (salon) will be useful place for the residents.

It seems to be positive that people start to do something themselves and I recognize it is going well positively even slow.

If the residents are not physically well, they tend to stay only in their house. As it gets colder now, I think we have to take care of residents individually case by case with listening and advising to help them physically and mentally.

I will continue to work for the public place and the events (salons) with my belief that it will help these residents to overcome this situation.

Yuri KAMIYAMA, Nurse

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