Christmas Charity Draw 2015

クリスマスチャリティ抽選会2015 - Christmas Charity Draw 2015
In 2015, Syria’s conflict has entered its fifth year. There are 6.5 million internal displaced persons (IDPs), 4.2 million Syrian refugees in neighboring countries and 13.5 million people in need of humanitarian assistance by the ongoing tragedy (UNOCHA, October 2015). Full of hope and in search of freedom, they sail across dangerous seas, on fragile boats, and then they must keep on walking in very harsh conditions to reach their final destination. The situation in Syria is getting worse and worse, people are currently suffering from serious life threatening problems such as difficult access to safe drinking water, food shortage and poor medical care. Cruelly, to add more difficulty, winter is nearly there. It is our responsibility to bring immediate humanitarian medical assistance to these populations. The Syrian refugees are fleeing war, they need our help.
In order to be more active and accurate in this global context, we will be holding a charity event “Doctors of the World Christmas charity draw 2015” thanks to our sponsors.

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クリスマスチャリティ抽選会2015 - Christmas Charity Draw 2015

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クリスマスチャリティ抽選会2015 - Christmas Charity Draw 2015

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