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From Doctors of the World UK

Help us be Allen & Overy’s charity partner
―Doctors of the World UK

世界の医療団イギリスより日本のみなさまへご協力のお願い/From Doctors of the World UK
We are excited to announce that Doctors of the World has been shortlisted for a Global Charity Partnership with leading law firm Allen & Overy.

If selected, this partnership will support our mission to deliver healthcare to over one million people across Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq over the next two years.

If you work at Allen & Overy, keep an eye out for the Global Charity Partnership vote email, where you’ll be able to find out more about how a vote for Doctors of the World will improve lives across the Middle East.

You can also help us win this vote by spreading the word through your social media or contacts.

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