Médecins du Monde condemns the attack on the Okhmatdyt hospital

Médecins Du Monde strongly condemns the attacks targeting civilian population and infrastructures in different cities in Ukraine, including Okhmatdyt Hospital, Ukraine’s largest paediatric clinic that was home for months to many children suffering from cancer.

This is not the only neither the first attack on health infrastructure. Since February 24, 2022, Insecurity Insight report 1482 incidents of violence or threat of violence against health care.

Médecins du Monde recalls that health facilities are #NOTATARGET and must be protected at all times, according to international humanitarian law, that sets rules in armed conflicts.

We condemn the growing targeting of civilian infrastructures in Ukraine and other war contexts around the globe.

We commit ourselves to continue supporting and protecting civilians disproportionally affected by war.

We call upon all conflicting sides to respect international humanitarian law.

We urge all States, citizens and civil society organizations to safeguard humanitarian principles.

Médecins Du Monde stays put to help and bear witness. In Ukraine and wherever people in need are.

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