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5 years of solidarity with Rohingya people

It is already five years since I started working for Rohingya people who fled from the persecution in neighboring Myanmar. Through these years, they taught me a lot. In general, you may think refugees are just “poor people”, but I found strength in them. Their kindness in caring for others, humility, friendliness, humor, willingness to learn and strong determination in spite of being in difficult situation are remarkable. The more I know about them, the more fascinating they become to me.
How do they perceive these five years? One thing I can say for sure is nothing has progressed on their return to their home. Its prospect is even dimmer over the coup in Myanmar. But I feel that they have not yet given up hope. They need citizenship and safety to live a normal life, and stay strong for their hope to come true one day. We must keep standing by and supporting them.

Medical Coordinator/Nurse, Rohingya Refugee Community Support Project
Akiko Kida

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