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August 19th is #WorldHumanitarianDay

-An opportunity to think of people who are engaged in humanitarian activities while facing danger and adversity-

2020 World Humanitarian Day welcomed in the Corona Era.
The pandemic of the new corona virus (COVID-19) further aggravates the humanitarian crisis and social challenges that have persisted, and adds new problems. Even with uncertain and never-ending situations, activities will continue with our beneficiaries. ‥

In Yemen, the world’s worst humanitarian crisis continues, even basic health care access cannot be provided.
International humanitarian assistance activities are restricted and various regulations are put in place.
Yemen’s communities, citizens and local NGOs are at the forefront of connecting lifelines and struggling to live. ‥

Aid workers involved in humanitarian assistance in more than 60 countries around the world must be protected 365 days a year.
The more indispensable humanitarian assistance there is, the more likely it is that aid workers will be targeted. The reality of Niger right now ‥

Some people continue to work for those in need in extreme circumstances.
Are you with us?

#WHD2020 #WorldHumanitarianDay #RealLifeHeroes #NotATarget

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