©Kazuo Koishi

Out There ~I want to return to myanmar~

What happened in Myanmar on the 25th of August 2017?

Even now I cannot forget.

Violence, arson, rape, murder
Many people died in front of me.

We fled desperately to survive.

Everyone went crossing rivers, climbing mountains without food or drink.

I didn’t know if my destination was safe.
But if I stayed there, I would die.

And just for this I am here today.

Bangladesh near Cox’s Bazar
A huge camp where Rohingya refugees stay
More than 900,000 people are refugees here

Two years have passed since then, nothing has changed.

I really want to go back to Myanmar,
if life security and citizenship are guaranteed,
if the identity of Rohingya is recognized.

No matter how we strongly we wish, we can’t go home without all of them.

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